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Temp Computer Systems Pty. Ltd. (ABN 13 010 316 766) was a Software Services Company based in Brisbane, Australia.

From 1983 until April 2019, Temp Computer Systems (TCS) developed and supported the WorkDESK suite of Human Resources, Recruitment, Rostering and Payroll software products.

TCS ceased to offer WorkDESK and associated services effective 29th April 2019.

Lookup Innovations Pty Ltd (Lookup), acquired all rights to develop and distribute WorkDESK at this time, and commenced support for existing TCS clients from 1st April 2019.

TCS and Lookup are unrelated entities.

Existing clients no longer requiring support or ongoing software updates are not required to undertake any agreement with Lookup.

For these "non-Lookup" clients wishing to unlock their existing software, or export historic data out of WorkDESK, please visit our Downloads page.